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Solving All Your Clogged-Drain Issues

Most homeowners don’t give their drains a lot of thought unless something happens. At Sullivan's Plumbing Services, we see a lot of common problems with drains, including clogged or sluggish drains. Depending on the drain itself, there may be any number of reasons for a clog. For example, if water is slow to drain down a kitchen sink, it may be the result of food, fat, oil, grease, and/or hair that made its way down the drain. In bathrooms, the biggest culprit for slow drains is hair, but soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other products can also clog a bathroom drain.

We provide comprehensive drain cleaning in Austin and the nearby areas. Our team is highly trained and equipped to unclog all types of residential and commercial drains, including bathroom, kitchen, and utility drains. We also address clogs in water lines and sewer systems. No matter the problem, we can help!

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Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning

There are a number of reasons for drain clogs to occur, but no matter the culprit clogs are an inevitability. Sink drains and toilets can get clogged with hair, grease, soap, and other waste. Stray roots can even find their way into your pipes.

Some common indications you need professional drain cleaning include:

  • Water backing up in your sink or tub - water accumulation or lack of draining is one of the most obvious signs that you have a clog somewhere in your drain line. Usually the severity of the clog can be determined by how slowly water vacates your drains.
  • Bad smells coming from the drains - clogs from hair and food waste eventually begin to decay inside your pipe, causing foul odors to come up from the drain. If you notice a funky smell you likely have a drain clog.
  • Slow-draining sinks - if your drains are draining slower than normal you could have a minor clog. It's important to try to get this professionally cleaned as soon as possible to prevent damage to your pipes. Store bought drain cleaning chemicals can potentially damage your pipes as well so it's always best to choose a professional rather than attempting a DIY solution.
  • Unusual noises - when your drains are not functioning properly due to a clog you may hear some strange gargling or bubbling noise coming from your pipes.
  • Fruit flies - if you've noticed a swarm of fruit flies in your kitchen that seems to have appeared over night you could have food waste clogging your drains.

If any of these signs are present, our Austin drain cleaning experts can determine the cause of the backup and get your pipes flowing again so you don’t end up with leaking or broken pipes, which could lead to water damage.

Routine Drain Maintenance

Until something goes wrong, plumbing systems are often out of sight, out of mind. However, scheduling maintenance for your drains can help prevent bigger plumbing problems. Regular drain cleaning will help prevent buildup of mineral deposits, increase the lifespan of your pipes, and minimize the need for emergency services. Remember: Chemical drain cleaners aren’t good for your pipes; it’s far better to trust this job to the pros.

Frequent Clogs Could Be a Sign of a Bigger Problem

If you experience continuous clogged toilets or sinks, you may have a bigger plumbing problem. You could have an object blocking the pipes or roots finding their way into your sewer lines. Our certified, licensed plumbers can diagnose the problem and get you back up and running smoothly.

We have high-tech cameras to inspect inside your drains and sewer lines, allowing us to pinpoint the problem. We also use environmentally friendly and effective techniques, like snaking and hydro-jetting to get rid of your clogged drain or pipe problem.

Our team also knows Austin and the many special circumstances that come with living in our wonderful city. You may have old cast iron, clay, Orangeburg, or concrete pipes. No matter what type of system you have, our experienced Austin plumbers can fix or replace your pipes if needed. We have well-stocked trucks and can do most services the same day.

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If you have a clogged toilet, slow drains, or, even worse, drains that won’t drain at all, give our certified, insured, and experienced plumbers a call. We will inspect your drains or toilets, determine the problem, and get you back to having toilets that flush, sinks/showers/tubs that drain, and consistent water pressure. We provide free estimates within 30 minutes of your call and, if we end up handling your plumbing service, there is no trip charge.

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